Happy Eid ul Fitr 2019 in Pakistan Wishes Messages SMS for Whatsapp

happy eid ul fitr 2019 in pakistan

Eid ul fitr 2019 is very important festival and we wish advance happy eid ul fitr 2019 in Pakistan or other countries. Wishes messages sms for whatsapp are share with you for spread love with friends on eid day. At the end of sweets Ramadan it is celebrated worldwide. The first day of Islamic month of shawwal is the eid ul fitr day for Muslim people.The date of eid ul fitr are dependent on the new moon is sighted by government religious authorities in every country. On this day people wake up early and then they take a bath. They wear neat and clean cloth and offers prayer eid ul fitr in the morning. They celebrate this day to with family and friends.

This day special sweets and foods item are prepared to distribute their relevant and friends. Muslims people also wear new white cloth on this eid day. Girls celebrate eid ul fitr by putting Henna on their hands. People distribute gifts or money among the family members and poor’s. Also people remember their deceased relatives and friends on this day by visiting cemeteries. They decorated a relevant graves to the flowers.

Happy Eid ul Fitr 2019 in Pakistan

Eid which means happiness is a festival that is celebrated every year. eid ul fiitr is a biggest festival that is celebrated every year at the end of sweet Ramadan. In Pakistan eid ul fitr is also known as small or sweets eid. This festival is celebrated for three days and there are 4 days holiday on this occasion. In this day people are totally free. They celebrate three holiday to their family.

On three days most important buildings and banks are closed. Only police office are open those days. Many important buildings are decorated to the flowers or lights. People gone a picnic party to with family. They send sweets item and other foods to one another. On this night people create a beef tike party with friends and family. It look a biggest festival for the Muslims people.

Eid begins with a special prayer in all cities or villages. People make special dishes for the eid ul fitr which are mostly sweets item. Happy eid ul fitr 2019 in Pakistan start with preparations usually start with the beginning of Ramadan and continue through whole month. So shopping of eid ul fitr started the start of Ramadan.

This special days many shopping malls offered sale prices on garments and shoes. Young girls and old women buy bangles and jewelry to the shopping malls. The shopping malls and bazaars are decorated to the welcome of eid shoppers. Men and elders usually exchange moon greetings cards. Telephone and social media these days are frequently used for this days late evening exchange of eid ul fitr greetings.

This days wealth person send gifts and money to the poor people. people exchange gifts to one another. It look a fabulous day of the world. People send zakat ul fitr to the needy people. people congratulate to one another and send eid wishes.

If you are send eid ul fitr wish to their friend and family. So you are right place we provide are all these things provide you want. Happy eid Mubarak 2019.

happy eid ul fitr 2019 in pakistan happy eid ul fitr 2019 in pakistan

happy eid ul fitr 2019 in pakistan happy eid ul fitr 2019 in pakistan happy eid ul fitr 2019 in pakistan