Happy Eid ul Fitr 2019 Wishes Greetings Messages SMS for Whatsapp

happy eid ul fitr 2019 wishes

Everyone know eid is a religious festival for Muslim people and we wish happy eid ul fitr 2019 wishes greetings messages sms for whatsapp. Eid is a beautiful festival of Islam and Eid ul fitr festival marks the end of Ramadan which is a holy month of muslims. In this month the atmosphere look like happiness. This month people mostly read Holy book of Quran. They mostly spend their time for mosque. Eid is a biggest gift for Muslim people.

On this day people wake up early in the morning and then they take a bath. They went to the mosque and pay eid ul fitr prayer. After prayer people use to visit their relatives tombs. After the tombs they gone their home and eat sweets item. Mostly people cook sweets item on this day. They distribute sweets item to their relatives and friends. People use to visit their relatives and friends and enjoy the celebrations.

Happy Eid ul Fitr 2019 Wishes

Eidi is a gift for the festival of eid ul fitr is given to the children and close friends and family member. This day will create a brother hood with muslim people. People send special foods and eidi for money to poor people. They send gifts new cloth and eid wishing cards to poor people. On this day all people look equal to. Many people spend their time for their family members and friends. Many people went marry to entertain this festival.

Mostly people spend their time for orphan children. They send gifts for money and special foods for orphan children. This day orphan house is fully decorated for beautiful flowers and lights. Orphan children said in this day they do not be sad. They said we are very happy this eid ul fitr day. People send gifts and happy eid ul fitr 2019 wishes cards to orphan children.

Before eid ul fitr people use to visit shopping malls and shops for shopping of eid. They exchange gifts and eid greetings to one another. Women apply henna specially for this eid festival. People often greet eid mubark to one another. People also give 3.6% tax of the annual savings asĀ  distributing zakat for orphan or poor people.

On eid day many countries prime minister send eid mubark wishes to all musliam people. On this day 50% discount for all muslim people. Now poor people enjoy this beautiful day. Roads and government office is decorate this day. To celebrate this festival, mostly people are spending her time with family and go for picnic parks. All playing parks are full from people.

Eid is uncompleted without wishing the eid mubark to their loving friends and family. People send eid wishes cards and watsapp videos or images to their friends and family. Now this is a far off social media. So we are provided this entire thing you wants. My sight is fully decorated for wishing cards and images. We are provided all free Facebook images and status for you. Now friend click hare and download free wishing quotes for eid ul fitr. Enjoy eid ul fitr with friends and family happy eid mubarak.

happy eid ul fitr 2019 wishes happy eid ul fitr 2019 wishes

happy eid ul fitr 2019 wishes happy eid ul fitr 2019 wishes happy eid ul fitr 2019 wishes