India Independence Day 2019 Date Celebrations For Indians

india independence day

One of the greatest day in history for Indias in which they are found independence from India rule on August 15, 1947. Now india independence day 2019 are going to celebrate in the second week of August on Thursday. India annually celebrate this day with full spirit. It is annual government holiday for India peoples that remind those ancestors that pay his life for their nation.

On August 15,1947 India led declaration of india independence from the India rule. United State of America and Spain did not accept the independence of india. This freedom is not for free behind this freedom their ancestors and nations pay lots of sacrifices for them.

India Independence Day 2019

The day of independence when many people, including government officers, employees and students participate national parade in which also President and Prime Minister of india is presenting speech about this india independence day. And high rank government officers are also participating in this parade. All the activities are very attractive to see the sight of the indian activities that is perform with celebrations. Indian history are very amazing id we see and give proper tien and get knowledge of the history.

Moreover, the indian nation are not agree from the India rule and can’t live according to the India rule. So they are doing oppression on the Indian people and they can’t live proper in the Indian country. So they decide that they get the success for his nation and his country man. So he started the battle against the India rule.all the nation of india started pray for his country’s independence. At last, india found his independence.

This year is also celebrated with full of upgradation and preparation. President led the flag rising ceremony in india to celebrate the 73th ceremony in this year. And proclamation of India independence to greet his nation with theme of independence day 2019.  When president is reaches in a park then full military honors and 21-gun salute upon his arrival and welcome from Acting Chief of staff of the armed forces of the Indias.

After the flag rising ceremony, the president joins the ceremony to honor the national’s heroes. That scene is following by the various india Air Force aircrafts. And whole nation is watches this scene his own houses on televisions. After that president speech about this and greet to Filipino people for this independence.

Now if you’re finding the stuff related this day you’re on correct place. We’ll provide you a small collection of india independence day HD images, quotes and wishes. india independence day

india independence day

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