Information About 15 August of Independence Day India 2019 History

Find information about 15 august celebration of independence day India 2019 also with history speech and essays. Why people are search about when is Independence Day 2019 and why do we celebrate independence day in india. The indian independence day will be celebrates on Thursday on 15, August 2019. The day is very important of all the indian nation that is celebrates this day with their country people. The indian independence day is also known as the name of Swatantrata Diwas. The day is commemorates the India Independence Day from the British rule in 1947. So if you’re exploring the information about this holiday, then you’re on exact location. Here I give you all the knowledge about this national holiday.

India observes the independence day on 15 august on every year. India turns to a free state on August 15, 1947. The is historical in all over the country state to remember this national holiday. The purpose is to find the independence for his nation that the indian people are living freely and doing all the things. But the British is fore to do nothing his nation and can perform all the work for their. So, that’s why they effort for his nation and at last find the success for his country. So, now all of the indain people are living independent is his country and spent their life with full of happiness.

Independence Day India 2019

In 2019, 73rd independence day india 2019 are going to celebrates with patriotic way. This is the best day of all of the indian people because they find the success for his nation. The Indian ancestors pay his life for getting the success for his nation. And make their country separate and doing independently all of the things for living his separate country. Most of the countries are finding the success for his country in which most common countries are India and Pakistan. Pakistan celebrates the Independence Day on August 14, and the Indian people celebrate the national holiday on August 15. Both of the countries are take separate countries in his own power.

In addition to this, the both countries are living in the same states and they doing all different from another’s. So this is the main reason in both of the countries are not living to gather and they want to separate from another. But the British are not want to separate to both countries Pakistan and India. But in Pakistan the Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah are the great leader for his nation. they doing more effort to separate and at last find the distinct nation for his nation.

India also wants to the separate country and can’t bear the British rule for Indian. Because, everyone want to live distinct and spend all their life with his own way in their country. At last they get the separate country for his living and celebrate this day with full of happiness. So wish you a very happy independence day India 2019.

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